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About Us

Professional Pharmacists Australia (PPA) is the only union and professional association in Australia that represents non-owner community and hospital pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.

We are run by pharmacists and technicians, for pharmacists and technicians 

When you join Professional Pharmacists Australia (PPA), you can feel secure in the knowledge that your work issues, health, education and legal rights are backed by an organisation that understands the challenges and unique regulatory landscape of your profession.

Our members are community and hospital pharmacy employees who work to provide the medicines and expert advice that keep our world-class health system on track. Membership is open to professionals at all stages of their career, whether they are technicians, students, interns, or nearing retirement.

PPA gives our members a strong, collective voice to successfully campaign for better pay and working conditions – and therefore a better future.

About Us

Our Committee

Professional Pharmacists Australia is run by a committee of elected pharmacists and pharmacy technicians for the benefit of non-owner community and hospital pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. All members are welcome to apply for a position on the committee. 

By getting involved with the Professional Pharmacists Australia committee, you can help set the future direction of your industry and help make a real difference to the working and professional lives of employee pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.

To find out how you can join the committee, or if you have any queries, simply email us. 

Professional Pharmacists Australia Committee

Leon Yap, President - Professional Pharmacists Australia Pharmacist

Bianca Piljic, Vice President - Professional Pharmacists Australia, Vice President - Professionals Australia

Riccardo Seeber, Committee Member - Professional Pharmacists Australia, Pharmacist

Jennifer Madden, Secretary - Professional Pharmacists Australia, Pharmacist

Katerina Malakozis, Committee Member - Professional Pharmacists Australia

Carmel McCallum, Committee Member - Professional Pharmacists Australia

Cardin Le, Committee Member - Professional Pharmacists Australia

Join Professional Pharmacists Australia to help make a better future for community and hospital pharmacists and pharmacy technicians
Employee pharmacists are regularly rated by the community as one of the most trusted health professionals in Australia. Unfortunately, the wages and conditions of this sector do not reflect their important role in our health care system.

There are more than 20,000 community pharmacists working in Australia, making it the third largest health care professional groups. By working together we have a greater potential to influence and shape the future of community pharmacy. But to do this, we need one united voice.

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We are a strong network of 25,000 professionals who work together for a better deal for all our members.

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