COVID-19 Testing in Community Pharmacies

On the 13th August, the Queensland Government announced that COVID-19 testing in community pharmacies will be promoted across the state. This was on the back of an announce by SA Health on the 19th July that they will be piloting a testing trial.

Queensland and SA officials said they are basing their schemes on a similar, successful scheme in Alberta, Canada.

What is being proposed here?

The Queensland Minister for Health, Dr Steven Miles said the government wanted to trial COVID-19 testing in pharmacies to increase testing capability in Queensland.

This would involve approaching people in store who were showing COVID-19 symptoms or purchasing cold and flu type products and asking them if they would like to be tested for COVID-19 by the pharmacist.

This is how it is being trialled in South Australia.

The Queensland proposal includes plans to move from ‘opportunistic’ testing to the use of pharmacies as testing centres in regions where there is widespread active community transmission.

What is the scheme in Alberta, Canada?

The scheme has been rolled out across Alberta in recent weeks following trials. Patients must phone the pharmacy to make an appointment and are screened at this point. If a patient screens as being symptomatic, high-risk for previous exposure to COVID-19, or has been in close contact with a COVID-19 patient, they are referred to a government health service phone number to arrange testing at a designated testing centre, not a pharmacy.

What are the concerns with the proposals in QLD and SA?

The schemes being trialled in SA and proposed in QLD are very different to the scheme operating in Alberta, which government officials have cited as the reason to introduce it.

Pharmacy patients are some of the most vulnerable people in our community – people with complex medication needs, people with multiple health issues, and the elderly who rely on medication for chronic illness and conditions.

Pharmacies are primarily retail and health spaces that are not designed to be communicable disease testing centres.

  • Trained staff often dedicated to COVID tests,
  • Extensive PPE training and equipment as well as storage and disposal,
  • Security guards,
  • Triaging,
  • Strict social distancing measures
  • Strict infectious control measures
  • Hard surfaces,
  • Minimal furniture
  • Open areas

Community pharmacies have very few if any of these features.

We do not want people who are showing COVID-19 symptoms to present to pharmacies mixing with vulnerable members of the public.

The Alberta scheme screens people via phone before they come into the pharmacy, and if they screen for any symptoms they are directed away from the pharmacy.

The message from health and government officials needs to be clear and consistent - if you are experiencing any respiratory symptoms including cold and flu symptoms you need to get tested at a predesignated testing site and stay home, not attend a pharmacy.

To now say publicly that essentially any pharmacy in Queensland could be a COVID-19 testing centre gives the green light to people to present to pharmacies with symptoms, and in a community outbreak this could be disastrous.

Recent polls of ~1600 pharmacy employees conducted by the AJP and PPA showed that 80% of respondents did not support COVID-19 testing in community pharmacies.

The proposal is deeply unpopular for good reason – it puts the health and safety of pharmacy employees and the community at risk.

If this proposal is implemented, other states could follow.

What can we do about it?

There is a lot we can do!

We need to send a strong united message to the decision makers that this is a bad idea, and we need to keep pharmacy employees and the public safe.

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From PPA President Dr Geoff March
The PPA committee and PPA members were taken by surprise with the announcement of pilot trials firstly in SA and now Queensland looking at whether community pharmacies should be COVID-19 testing centres.

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Queensland Gov Covid-19 testing announcement
The Palaszczuk Government will trial COVID-19 testing in pharmacies to increase testing capability in Queensland. Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said the trial is another way to keep Queenslanders safe. 

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The Alberta Covid-19 testing Scheme
Pharmacies can now choose to provide testing to people who have no symptoms and no known exposure to COVID-19.

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The Alberta Scheme PDF

Read PDF here.


The Guild Media Release
The Pharmacy Guild of Australia, Queensland Branch, is pleased with this morning’s announcement from the Queensland Government that COVID-19 testing will be piloted in community pharmacies across Queensland.

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PPA Response

Queensland unions launch stinging attack on proposal to test COVID-19 in pharmacies.

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PPA Media
PHARMACY union, Professional Pharmacists Australia (PPA), will "do whatever it takes" to stop the rollout of the Queensland State Government's pharmacy-based COVID-19 testing trial, if safety concerns are not addressed.

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PSA response
The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) is concerned for the safety and wellbeing of pharmacists, pharmacy staff and the general public following the announcement by the Queensland Government yesterday that COVID-19 testing in community pharmacies will be promoted across the state.

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AMA response
Queensland doctors have condemned a new trial to allow pharmacies across the state to test for COVID-19.

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AJP Story 
GPs, pharmacists and patients have expressed concern over the announcement of COVID-19 testing coming to Queensland pharmacies.

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Rural Doctors Association Australia Queensland
Government trial to enable pharmacies in the state to undertake COVID testing is a recipe for disaster and a sure-fire way to spread the virus, we have warned again today in a joint statement with the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine.

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