What is the average rate of pay for your profession? And how does your salary stack up against industry standards? PPA takes the guesswork out of these questions with a range of reports and calculators. We can help benchmark your pay packet, work out the appropriate remuneration for your role and industry, and make the case for a pay rise.

Being informed helps pave the way towards better pay.

Employment and Remuneration Report

The 2019/20 Community Pharmacists Employment and Remuneration Report (published by Professionals Australia) is the most comprehensive, up-to-date guide of remuneration available in Australia. 

Download Full report here

Pharmacists Calculator
The Pharmacists Salary Calculator uses the data collected in the biannual Professional Pharmacists Remuneration Survey Report – making it the most up to date resource for calculating your true market value.

You can select a range of analytical categories, including:

  • years of experience;
  • sector;
  • qualification; and
  • geographic location.

In addition to your market value, the calculator can also return valuable comparative market info, such as where in the market a given base salary lies, and in which percentile of the market.
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