Show Your Support For YES

With just four days to go until the Referendum, showing your support for a positive YES vote is more important than ever to convince those last-minute-deciders which way to go.

Your visible support can encourage someone who is undecided to vote yes!

It's possible to positively impact this campaign's outcome by doing something as easy as sharing a selfie! This simple act can have a big impact on your friends, family and online communities.
Knowing that someone you love, admire, respect or appreciate is voting yes could genuinely be the deciding factor for some people who might not know much about the campaign.

Download a PA selfie sign or if you don't have access to a printer, just write a big YES on your palm to show your support!

Don't forget to share your photos on social media!
Tag #PA4YES or email them to [email protected] to have them shared online!

Download Your Selfie Sign