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When you contact us for help or advice, Professional Pharmacists Australia guarantees absolute confidentiality at every stage of the process. This means that you will be consulted on any action we propose on your behalf and approaches to other individuals or organisations will not be made without your approval.

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We are committed to:

  • providing the highest standard of workplace advice and support to our members;
  • advocating on behalf of community pharmacists so that they are heard by government and industry; and
  • uniting the collective voice of community pharmacists to negotiate for improved salaries and conditions.
My workplace

We have a team of lawyers and industrial officers available to help with workplace disputes, contract reviews and information about your rights and conditions. Our experts will ensure that all Professional Pharmacists Australia members are, at the very least, being paid and treated as they should be under the law.

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My career

Professional Pharmacists Australia can help you get ahead in your career with our range of career services.

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My insurance

Insurance is just another way Professional Pharmacists Australia helps keep you protected. Members are also eligible for a range of discounts.

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My pay
Pay and Remuneration

Find out what you're worth with Professional Pharmacists Australia’s remuneration information. Browse our range of remuneration reports, salary calculators or get your own personalised comparison.

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My industry

Access detailed information about your industry and profession, including industry reports, management insight, submissions and webinars.

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My Rewards

Pharmacists can help make your pay go further with member-only discounts on groceries, fuel, cinema and consumer goods.

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