Pay pharmacists fairly for their role in the fight against Covid-19

Pharmacists across Australia have played a vital role in supporting the community throughout the Covid-19 pandemic – from supplying rapid antigen tests and administering COVID-19 vaccination to dispensing medications and providing health advice.

Despite the crucial role pharmacists have played through the pandemic, they are not receiving adequate workplace support or compensation.

Pharmacists are among the lowest-paid workers in the nation, despite years of university study and ongoing professional development and insurance requirements.

As well as increased rates of pay, pharmacists should receive direct incentive payments for every Covid-19 vaccination administered, like GPs and pharmacy owners.

It’s time pharmacy owners pass on the Covid-19 vaccination payments and profits made from the pandemic to employee pharmacists who are on the front line.

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Why is this important?

Australia's pharmacists were chronically underpaid before the Covid-19 pandemic hit, but with the added pressures brought by the health crisis, more are now burnt out than ever before with many opting to leave the profession.

Until pay rates increase, the industry will struggle to retain and attract professionals, increasing the already significant skill shortage.