Pharmacists to miss out on bonus payment in NSW

The outsourcing of pharmacy services in NSW’s public hospitals means that pharmacists are unlikely to receive the NSW government’s $3000 payment for the state’s health workers, despite the crucial role pharmacists have played in Australia throughout the pandemic.

Jill McCabe, CEO of Professional Pharmacists Australia, said: “Australia’s pharmacists remain the lowest paid professionals in Australia and the pharmacy sector requires comprehensive reform to deliver the remuneration and employment conditions our pharmacists deserve.”

Ms McCabe also added that although the $3000 bonus payment was a welcome top-up for front-line workers who are eligible, pharmacists deserve a greater recognition – starting with substantial pay increases, regardless of their employment arrangements.

“If our sector is to retain the skilled and experienced pharmacists our community requires, pharmacy employers must urgently address low pay, unsafe workplaces and unreasonable workloads.”

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