EOFY Industrial Update

On July 1 a range of industrial changes came into effect that will largely benefit Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians across Australia.

Knowledge is power and union members have the collective power of their membership to ensure we are all protected at work. Knowing your rights is a critical element of avoiding exploitation like wage theft.

Here’s a summary of the changes:

  • An increase of the national minimum wage and Pharmacy Industry Award wages
  • An increase of superannuation
  • More employees can now request flexible working arrangements (from 6 June 2023)

Minimum and Award Wages Increase

Currently, the national minimum wage in Australia is $21.38 per hour. However, from July 1, 2023, it will increase to $23.23 per hour. For those in Pharmacy, the minimum Award wages under the Pharmacy Industry Award will also increase by 5.75%. Even if you are covered by an Enterprise Agreement or an individual contract your minimum wage cannot be less than the Award rate.

Employee classification   Minimum hourly rate New Minimum hourly rate from July 1 2023
 Pharmacy assistant level 1  24.73  26.15
 Pharmacy assistant level 2  25.29  26.74
 Pharmacy assistant level 3  26.18  27.69
 Pharmacy assistant level 4  27.26  28.83
 Pharmacy student—1st year of course  24.73  26.15
 Pharmacy student—2nd year of course  25.29  26.74
 Pharmacy student—3rd year of course  26.18  27.69
 Pharmacy student—4th year of course  27.26  28.83
 Pharmacy intern—1st half of training  27.62  29.21
 Pharmacy intern—2nd half of training  28.56  30.20
 Pharmacist  33.93  35.88
 Experienced pharmacist  37.16  39.30
 Pharmacist in charge  38.04  40.23
Pharmacist manager  42.38  44.82

Superannuation Rate Increase

Employer-paid superannuation is increasing from 10.5% to 11% of your salary or wages from July 1, 2023. Check your receiving the full contribution, as early payments make a huge difference to your long-term super balances.