Amendments to Secretary Approvals for Pharmacist Immunisers

We have been informed by the Immunisation Unit of Victorian Department of Health that the following changes have been made to its Secretary Approvals:

  • The Secretary Approvals for nurse immunisers and pharmacist immunisers to enable these workforces to administer the Japanese Encephalitis (JE) vaccine to individuals who are recommended for vaccination as listed on the Victorian Department of Health’s Japanese encephalitis in Victoria website. Successful completion of a JE eLearning module is required prior to administration of the JE vaccine.

  • The Secretary Approval for pharmacist immunisers to enable pharmacist immunisers to administer the influenza vaccine to people aged five years and over (age lowered from 10 years and over).

The full gazetted changes can be viewed here.

This guide has also been developed to advise pharmacist immunisers. If you have any questions or comments regarding the amendments, please forward them to the Immunisation unit: