Professional Pharmacists Australia’s Stance on the proposed 60-day Dispensing Changes

Professional Pharmacists Australia acknowledges reports of proposed changes to the funding of pharmacy services in the upcoming federal budget via the introduction of 60-day medication supply arrangements. However, we note that there has not yet been confirmation of this by the federal government.

As a union we are concerned about any proposed changes that could negatively affect the employment and workplace conditions of our members, and we remain committed to providing support and advocacy for employee pharmacists and pharmacy technicians across the country.

While we understand these proposed changes may improve patient equity of access to medicines and increase convenience, further information is required about any evaluation of the potential for medication misadventure and any effects on the viability of community pharmacies as a result.

In the absence of an actual budgetary announcement from the federal government, or whether there is any increased investment in other areas for pharmacy yet to be announced, it is difficult for PPA to make comment on the merits of this proposal.

We ask our members to contact PPA if they have concerns in relation to this proposed change, or to seek advice if they are being asked to participate in any protest activities by their employer.

Leon Yap
Professional Pharmacists Australia

Media contact:
Darren Rodrigo – 0414 783 405